Suicide: the whispered word.

I did not actually wake up like this

pleine de vie

I need to learn to take kindly to being misunderstood. To forget about it, to let people think what they want.

But I guess when a message I’m trying to portray is so important, in my opinion, and so often lost, that’s when I feel the need to make it clear.

Ok, so let me start here:

I share a lot about myself. I put a lot of me out here for you all to read…(and by all of you, I mean you, you…the one who birthed me…hi Mom. Perhaps my one and only avid reader…)

No, seriously though, for anyone else out there, there’s not much about me that I won’t put to words on this blog. But there is one thing I never thought I’d share.

Remember when I complained about my really horrible acne? And everyone gave their advice, from home remedies to cutting food from my…

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The Rundown

The issue I want to rant about today comes to me after a day full of female clients in their mid -late 20s. I like to chat to pass the time, and also to guarantee that though I put them through hell they like me enough to come back next time. We chat about everything from jobs to families to dreams, but there’s one thing we ALWAYS end of talking about: relationships. Girls who don’t have a relationship want one, and girls who have one will put up with all sorts of BS to keep it.

Let me give you a personal example. This summer I got a raise at work, expanded my side business to double what it was a few months before, and lost about 10 lbs. That sounds awesome right?! WRONG. Why? Because I’m officially boyfriend-less, and I’m already feeling the pressure to find another one. Now if I…

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Social Experiments: Bald Head- Just a Thought

Bailey's Social Experiments

It was not my goal to be an inspiration to other girls, but here I am at the beginning of this enlightenment I am bestowing on the face of beauty standards. I have had multiple females approach me and tell me that I am an inspiration and that they are/ have contemplating/ed shaving their heads too, for different reasons obviously. People come up to me and tell me I could be a model, but as flattering as that sounds the only model I would ever want to be (if any) is a role model for girls in a younger generation or even for women in generations ahead of me to show them being your true self is okay. Is this what it feels like to be a leader and take charge of life- by being an inspiration? Do I really want people to view me, a tiny spec of a…

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