When my son wears pink


One of my favorite shirts that C owns is a bright pink Ralph Lauren polo.  The shirt itself has sentimental meaning to me as it is a gift from a close friend.

IMG_1118Throughout his life, thus far, C has been mistaken for a girl only 4 times.  All of those times were the days in which he was wearing his pink polo.  Now I know that everyone’s child is mistaken for the opposite sex, at some point.  I also don’t have a problem with people thinking my son is a girl.   With that being said, it is interesting to me how people respond when they seem C in pink:

  • A little girl on the playground came up and asked me if C was a boy or a girl.  I told her that he is a boy and she said “but he’s wearing PINK.”  I love the mind of a child because the next…

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Pro-choice activists need to be loud and proud

Of Means and Ends


The past few weeks have been rough ones for supporters of abortion rights and women’s reproductive health care. Every week a new deceptively edited video making false claims about Planned Parenthood has been released, and anti-choice politicians eagerly snap them up to feed their grandstanding. Seeing women’s rights under attack is hardly new in an era where politicians are trying to ban abortion after 6 weeks and nearly every clinic in Texas is shutting down, but this coordinated, slimy attack has been demoralizing. In the swirl of sensationalism and political opportunism, women lose, especially low-income women with little access to health care. 

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What My Mother Taught Me About Being a Woman

Sea Change Feminists

By Katie Grimes

A mother is an instrumental force in a child’s life — in particular, I think, for young girls. Much of what I know about being a woman can be directly tied to my own mother: a woman fiercely independent, incredibly kind, and unashamed to let her voice be heard.

Brenda and Katie Grimes

Below are just a few of the things she taught me:

A woman has opinions. Her opinions are important, relevant, and should be taken seriously. A woman makes her voice heard because she recognizes her own worth, and doesn’t let others convince her differently.

A woman is bold. She doesn’t take bullshit. She knows that she will face unjust challenges simply because she is a woman, but she refuses to let others take advantage of her. A woman doesn’t back down, and she isn’t afraid to put up a fight when necessary.

A woman is strong. She can do things…

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Crawling Anxiety


I can feel it, as if it was following me around. I can feel it, as if it was breathing behind my neck. I can feel it, as if was crawling up my legs, up my spine & through my chest.

Anxiety is the worst feeling & the worst attacker, whether it’s mild or severe ..
It’s excruciating to be grasping for air as if you were locked up in a tiny box with no space to move.
So you start to panic, sweat & cry. It’s overwhelming. It’s absolutely terrifying.

& As if it was my shadow, it caught up to me. Once again.
It hit me harder than ever. Not for the same reasons as before. I caught myself typing faster & faster as I was replying to my emails. I felt as if I was being timed or I was going to get hurt if I didn’t finish quickly. A…

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powerpuff_girls_057 THE TOONSMASH SERIES HAS BEEN UP AND RUNNING SUCCESSFULLY! Seeing the response rate, we have decided to go on and now we bring to you, THE THIRD IN THE SERIES WITH THREE OF OUR MOST LOVED GIRLS OF ALL TIME- THE POWERPUFF GIRLS! AND we bring them to you in a different form – GIRL POWER ! What if we treat ‘Blossom’, ‘Bubbles’ and ‘Buttercup’ as three elements of one woman/lady/girl? LET’S SEE HOW THAT UNFOLDS! Tumblr_m6e4h2cyun1qagorro9_r6_500 1) AS SWEET AS BUBBLES – Every woman has a sweet, sensitive and innocent side. That is the reason they are usually considered “easy to approach” and are “good listeners”. They can heal people by just giving a sweet smile. BUBBLES, was the kindest of the trio! She was always ready with consoling and loving words and also with a good lecture on morals. She even made the villains she defeated, see the reason and…

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I Support Planned Parenthood and Here’s Why


As a third-wave feminist who is finally able to vote for the first time in the upcoming presidential election, I have been doing all I can to learn about the presidential candidates and I’ve been working on staying up-to-date with current issues and discussions that have been going on here in America.

One topic that has been on my mind lately has been Planned Parenthood and the debate to cut the federal funding of Planned Parenthood. It seems men and women of all ages and backgrounds have been weighing in on this issue. When it comes to this non-profit, I definitely have something to say.

Last year I attended Slut Walk Omaha where Planned Parenthood had a booth. They were answering questions about internships and what they do so I listened. After that I did my research and officially came to the conclusion that Planned Parenthood has my full support.

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